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We are your specialist for chemical raw materials. Welcome to Traditem GmbH.

"Chemistry needs know how" - the Traditem principle

We are THE supplier of chemical raw materials. Our focus is on supplying our customers with a variety of specialty and fine chemicals, and we use our ideas and innovations for the benefit of our customers so that we can continue to live up to the trust of our customers and suppliers every day.

Based on long-term partnerships, we have the experience of efficient order processing along the manufacturing and supply chain as a whole. Strictly according to our guiding principle, "chemistry needs know how", we support industries and
markets in an innovative and sustainable manner in order to create added value for our customers and suppliers.

REACH and quality-compliant products are procured worldwide. Thanks to our very good contacts, we are able to optimize the flow of goods worldwide and make them available to our customers on time. We are growing continuously and are proud to shine as a group-independent company with a high degree of flexibility. Thanks to the diversity of our product portfolio, we are able to meet customer requests from a wide variety of industries. And we prove this every day anew.

These are our qualities


Traditem is aware of its responsibility for people and the environment, which is why we contribute to continuous improvements in the areas of environmental and health protection.



Because of this certification we can also offer you products in organic quality.


QS Feed

We are also certified according to QS feed. QS is one of the world's largest inspection systems for food, which covers every stage of the product chain from cultivation to processing, packaging and sales.



Traditem is a seal user and member of the VLOG standard. Awarded with the "VLOG verified" seal, we offer products for the "Non GMO" sector for the scope of feed.


Innovation, flexibility, transparency and quick transport routes.

The ability to innovate and the willingness to innovate are a key factor in competition: We recognized this early on at Traditem. We also find that more freedom and flexibility are welcomed through our customers. The automation and optimization of the processes result in a number of advantages that convince our customers as well. With our dynamic appearance, we are a welcome business partner worldwide when it comes to quick, uncomplicated transport routes. Our worldwide network speaks for itself in the procurement of any raw materials.


Update: Bio-based chemicals as a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative

Traditem GmbH has newly included bio-based chemicals in its program. These represent a more environmentally friendly alternative to the analogous conventional chemicals. Since bio-based chemicals are obtained from renewable raw materials, they help to reduce the CO2 footprint. We have added further bio-based acrylate monomers and acrylate oligomers to our sustainable range. For more information, […]


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