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Reach / Environment

The registration, evaluation and approval of chemical substances according to the REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Assessment of Chemical Regulations) is the new European legislation. This regulation affects not only the chemical industry, but also all users of chemicals. This means that a large part of the industrial and commercial companies in Europe are affected by this regulation.
Traditem GmbH is involved in the REACH process as a downstream user. We work daily on the implementation and compliance with the REACH regulation.
We are in constant contact with our suppliers to support each other with the products that we sell under the REACH regulation. We accompany our customers, in close cooperation with our suppliers, step by step to ensure that compliance with the REACH regulation can be implemented simply and effectively.

When manufacturing our products, we attach great importance to environmentally friendly production processes. Our main goals in environmental protection measures are the reduction or avoidance of emissions as well as the responsible and economical use of natural resources. Our commitment to environmental protection is part of our self-image and represents an essential aspect of our actions.