Ecological and sustainable we can do it as well…


By continuously expanding our range with foresight and a feel for trends, we offer our customers a variety of products from a single source.

Organic is trendy. According to the database of the London-based market research company, one in five of the newly approved foods and beverages in Germany has been awarded "organic".

The environment and our own health have also increased the demand for organic goods across Europe.

It is therefore all the more gratifying to be able to offer our customers a variety of organic raw materials. Because we are looking forward to organic certification and the vlog (without genetic engineering) to obtain.

Thus it is already clear for Traditem GmbH that with a series of certifications we will continue to increase our level in raw materials trading.

With this new turnaround, however, our storage capacities are visibly reaching their limits, so expanding our storage space in Germany and the Netherlands is also unavoidable.